Monday, April 09, 2007

Hazel's Big Girl Bed and Potty Power

So, as of Mid March, Hazel has made it. She is officially a big kid now with a big girl bed and "potty power" (as she calls it). We tried potty training her about 4 or 5 months ago, but she kept having accidents so I told her to just tell me when she wanted to wear big girl underpants and be a big kid. I kind of forgot about it and then one day she came into me and said "I want to have potty power!" (That phrase comes from a cheesy video we found at the library a long time ago. For some reason it really stuck with her.) So we put up her little potty chart and I told her that if she filled it all up with no accidents than she could have a big girl bed at the end. She's a pretty amazing kid because she just put her mind to it and did it (or maybe all kids are like this, she's my first, no way to tell). She helped jeff put together her big girl bed and was so excited the whole time. I love these pictures but they only partly capture the sheer joy that was beaming from her when she first got to lay down in it. I've never seen her so excited.

I could barely get her to stay still long enough to take a picture. I also told her that when she wanted to really be a big kid she could give up her gg and binkie. I was amazed when I went to put her to bed the first night in her big girl bed and she said, "no binkie, no gg." She stuck to it for a few days, then we went out of town and she had to sleep in a pack and play and decided that she was still too attached to give them up for good. That's the next battle. For now, we have a big kid with potty power. We're thrilled. I love coming in to wake her up after her nap buried in a huge pile of books that she has "read" before finally falling asleep.

Charlie really likes her big girl bed too. His new favorite activity is climbing up and bouncing on it with her.
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  1. The kids are sooo cute. Congrats on potty training and the big girl bed. I like your haircut too. We are in Kazakhstan adoptiing our daughter Sophia Hope. She is a doll.



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