Thursday, June 04, 2009

Low Expecations.

temple photoshoot-1975 I’ll admit it, I was really really nervous to have three kids. I had LOW expectations of what life would be like with three little ones at home….all the time. And I have to say (Jeff’s been saying it for years), it’s all about low expectations (and getting lucky with pretty mellow kids). Over the past 6 months I’ve often found myself surprised by how much I like being with these three kids. Yes, these moments of unexpected delight are surrounded by moments of extreme frustration and sometimes even despair….but I have to say, when I step out of my woe is me mentality, I really really really like these three kids. I like being with them (much more so when I’m not trying to do one thousand other things at the same time)…..I really like who they are. temple photoshoot-1906 I have been overjoyed to watch these three little people grow into love with each other too. They really really love each other. Hazel is a little second mother to Charlie and Emmeline. She negotiates Charlie through all kinds of imaginative play. They play and play and play and have such an interesting relationship…she, of course is usually the boss, but when Charlie really put’s his foot down, she bends so kindly to his will. They really adore each other. temple photoshoot-1917And they love Emmeline like nobodies business. They can’t get enough of her. And she thinks they are the funniest things alive. I’ll try to do the same crazy things to get her to burst out into that awesome belly laugh, but she just looks at me funny. Then Charlie or Hazel will come up all loud and crazy in her face and she’ll burst into chuckles. I love it. temple photoshoot-1919 temple photoshoot-1932 I love these images. Hazel and Charlie all crazy, whirling around our little and Emmeline either perplexed and interested or distraught (I think she wants to get up and run with them). temple photoshoot-1949 temple photoshoot-1963 temple photoshoot-1973

These pictures were taken at the Boston LDS Temple. We stopped on a Saturday after dropping Jeff off nearby. The kids were dying to run around after being stuck in the car…..and I couldn’t think of a more beautiful place to run. temple photoshoot-1959

So, life with three is better than I had expected. Jeff dear….you are right:

Low Expectations = Unexpected Delight.


  1. I completely agree!

  2. Love it Saydi...keep on keeping on!

  3. Sayds,

    This is great. Love the Boston Temple photoshoot. The kids look so happy. I am excited to see you next week. Want to go to the beach?

  4. B>E>A>U>T>I>F>U>L>!!!



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