Thursday, April 01, 2010

A day in the life

This post has been in my draft box for almost a year!

I videoed this stuff during a funk when I was trying to figure out what was making me so frazzled and tired. Something about recording a little of what I do all day was therapeutic, it helped me realize that I was accomplishing a lot as I was wading through the sludge of mundane motherhood duties. Just watching this makes me feel tired.

I think I also wanted Jeff to know that we do clean up the house (over and over and over again). Sure, it looks like a disaster when he gets home but it has been cleaned and uncleaned many times throughout the day.

I'm a little surprised watching this now (a year later) by how diligent charlie was at putting those cards away....I don't think he'd be able to stay focused for that long now.....oh, how we've regressed!


  1. I absolutely love your mini videos! It is a great affirmation of the work we do as HOMEmakers. It may not always be fun but it is worth it.

  2. SERIOUSLY inspired me. Thanks!

  3. My goodness! Is this what we look like all day!? I know my days feel LIKE that. And I'm pretty sure you nursed Emmeline at the computer (yes?) and ate your own lunch standing while feeding your three. I loved watching the clock in your kitchen tick off the minutes. Talk about juggling. You're inspiring.

    How do you do a time elapse video? Do most cameras have options for that? I'd love to set our cam up sometime in the house and capture a half hour like that. Do you mind posting a comment on my blog to let me know? Thanks Saydi!

  4. This is sooooo motherhood. Love seeing it all in fast motion. How do you find a camera that will stay on so long? Fun to see but I'm TIRED!



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