Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Big Trip Out West – Los Angeles – Part 5

Time to tie up our trip out west. This post has been in my draft box for a few weeks.....what can I say? Between family coming to visit and the good spring weather, I have been busy enjoying life too much to blog.

Thankfully, because Boston March has been so mild, it doesn't hurt so much to look at these pictures from few post Disneyland days in LA. They were magical, they made me want to pack up immediately and move there.
We spent one glorious day at Crystal Cove State park, just south of Balboa Beach and just north of Laguna beach. It was crystally and not crowded and full of things to delight the kids. There was nothing along the beach but one awesome restaurant with a great view. We had lunch there and went back for a late afternoon dessert. It was a perfect day.
-6448 -6457 -6467 -6474 -6480It was pretty darn cold, but the kids were so excited to be free at the beach that they played until their lips turned blue. We all really enjoyed having Jeff there, the kids love playing with him at the beach and I love being able to sit in the sun and watch them. -6497-6489
We stayed all the way until sunset and dragged some pretty tired kids back to the car. We finished off the day with some In-N-Out burger. That place never disappoints!

We spent the next morning at Balboa Beach.....not quite as lovely, but sunny and warm and free. In the afternoon we went to the Getty Museum. Saren told me I'd love it and she was right. It was awesome. Full of great architecture, all kinds of art, amazing gardens and grounds and a fabulous kids room that gave us some detective cards to keep the kids entertained as we walked around looking for clues and learning about the art and the plants and the buildings. I think we all really enjoyed it (which says a lot, given the ages of our children!).


-0969 -0982 -0983-0986And, a trip to LA would not be complete without a stop at Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles. Jeff has been dreaming of going to this place his whole life. He was in heaven eating his fried Chicken dipped in Syrupy Waffles. The kids loved it too....we didn't leave a crumb (except for the mess Emmeline made on the floor).

The last day and a half of our trip was spent visiting our dear friend Kristin and her amazingly gracious and fun family. Kristin was my room mate in DC when Jeff and I first met, so she is dear to both me and Jeff. It had been years since we had seen her (since our wedding!). It was a huge highlight of the trip to really have time to reconnect with such a kindred spirit. There is something about being with someone who knew me before I became a mom and a wife....she reminded me of a lot of parts of my personality that have been kind of forced into hibernation for a while......and it certainly helped that Kristin is the kind of person who only sees the good in was just exactly what I needed. Thank you Kristin! -0779

Kristin and Mike took us to Huntington Gardens. It was a super rainy day, but Kristin said we'd love it, and she was right. It was beautiful, even more vibrant in the rain. Doesn't the cactus garden look otherworldly? 2010-02-27-0792

-0791 -0804

This is Hazel with Kristin's little guy Elias. It's the only picture I took of any people during our time with the Valles. Sad. Somehow I'm just not good at thinking to take pictures.

We hope it's not seven more years before we see these guys again.


  1. We so loved having you!!

  2. Its nice to see that you admired the plants. Looks like a really fun trip!



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