Friday, June 05, 2009

6 month cuddly baby goodness

temple photoshoot-1928 I laid in bed the other morning with Emmeilne sitting on my tummy….talking and cooing in her happy morning mood and it struck me. Emmeilne is ALMOST 7 months! How did that happen? I’ve been cherishing my 6 month old baby, thinking nearly every day about how I need to blog about her turning six months…..about her first foods…..about her crazy ability to get herself all kinds of places without actually crawling, but her amazing smiles and coos and her pleasant nature….and now she’s nearly SEVEN months….what? Where is the time going. STOP!!! I really don’t want this little girl to grow up, and I’m not just trying to be dramatic. I’m in love with her six month cuddly body…..her chubby little thighs, the way she’ll nestle in on my shoulder after her last nursing of the day and breaths so loudly. I love how she gets loopy instead of grumpy when she’s super tired. I love how she pants and wriggles her whole body with joy when she’s happy….and she get’s deliriously happy about the tiniest things. I love that I am her favorite person in the world (I even kind of secretly love how attached she is to me). I love how she looks up at me and studies every thing I do when I’m wearing her in the Beco. I love how she pulls out all her charms when I come in at 5am to give her the binkie….I’m all angry faced-grumpy-barely can open my dry eyes-mad and she flashes this awesome grin and kicks her legs…. in hopes that she’ll be cute enough to pick up instead of just plug up (sorry little one….I can’t function at 5am). spring garden-0225I love her little tuft of super long hair on the top of her head that looks really awful if I don’t put it in a little ridiculous pig tail on top. I even love that double chin and those jowls. I love the way she studies faces and smiles at nearly everyone, especially Hazel and Charlie and Jeff (and me, of course). I love how soft her huge cheeks are, even after 20 bazillion googolplex kisses), how tiny her little mouth is, how sparkly her dark eyes get. temple photoshoot-1964

I am completely enamored with this little girl. Please, baby, stop growing up.

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  1. Sayds,

    This first shot of Emmeline is Amazing.



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