Sunday, May 06, 2007

Charlie Update

Man, we can not get enough of this kid lately. He is so amazingly happy all the time. If we're hanging around the house he mostly just walks around growling and smiling and burying his head into us. He is just so proud of himself that he can he just walks around beaming. Of course, he has is moments, but they are all totally justified. He's finally learned to be upset at Hazel when she swipes something from him. I wish you could all hear the sounds that come out of this kid when he is mad at his sister or when he is scared (about to fall or something). There's really no way to describe them. If he's mad he kind of sounds like a growing gremlin muttering in a low but very loud grumble in some strange charlie language. Even though he's mad as a hornet, he's pretty endearing. Then, when something scares the tuna salad out of him he lets out this strange squeal that's a perfect combination of a cheerleader scream and a wolf.

He is a very verbal kid and is saying all kinds of words and communicating really pretty well. He uses a combo of real words with some great baby babble and forceful pointing and baby signs. It's actually pretty easy to understand what he is saying. He gets so darn proud of himself when he says a new word and just goes around the house repeating it. His new thing to say is "hello" with a kind of sing songy quality to it (a high hell and a lower O). It's adorable. He is a very busy boy, always after cars and trucks and balls and dolls and imitating all the sounds that they make. He LOVES Hazel and is always so happy to see her when she barrels into his room after he has woken up from his nap. I'm happy to say that he is recovering a little from his HORRIBLE hair cut. I miss the long Mohawk!

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