Sunday, May 06, 2007

Hazel Update

Hazel: hmmmm, what do I say about Hazel these days. She is a piece of work. So incredibly cute and irresistible one moment and a terror the next. Although, to be fair, she is an angel about 90% of the time. She is really into her imagination lately and goes to her imaginary "kindergarten" almost all the time. She has informed me that she is a really good mommy and she has three babies (Pinky (her doll), Sugar bag (my bear from when I was her age) and Pinky in side her tummy (which she says will "pop out" soon). She does take very good care of her babies, always making them pretend food and putting them to bed. If I am ever doing anything with Charlie (helping him to walk, dancing with him, feeding him, putting him down) she runs off to get her baby Pinky to do the same thing. Lately she has been really into pretending that she is the mommy and me and jeff are the kids (i'm usually the baby Charlie and Jeff is Hazel). She becomes boss of the house (as if she's not already....) and starts whipping us into shape. She mostly just puts us to bed and brings us plates of food. It's a pretty good life. Last night while we were playing this game Jeff and I started really acting like Hazel and Charlie. I started throwing things and crying and pointing and falling down and fighting with jeff and Jeff started talking non-stop about kindergarten and asking for the same thing over and over and over again. Hazel looked at us both with a pretty confused wide eyed expression and then tried to meet all our needs. I hope it was a good exercise in empathy. I certainly have learned a lot being the baby as Hazel tells me what I can and can't do. It made me have a lot of empathy for her as some of her demands made no sense to me (as I'm sure mine don't to her). I need to go a little easier on that sweet little girl. She really is an angel.

She's suddenly really into puzzles and poems. She memorized that cute little poem about spring on Josh's blog and wants to tell it to everyone she meets (she has learned that it gives her a lot of attention). She is also still very into doing her "yoga" and shows that to just about anyone who will watch. I have to admit, it is pretty cute. She is learning new words and expressions everyday and just soaks it all in. She has become an expert in making Charlie laugh. I'm not sure if there is any greater gift than watching your two kids make each other giggle like crazy. I think they really love each other.

Hazel is also loving Joy School, and I am really enjoying it too. It makes me do things with Hazel and as a mother that I don't think I'd get around to doing otherwise. It's fun to see her really catch on to some of these joys. She especially LOVES the songs. That is all we can listen to in the car these days. She has them all down and usually during her "nap" time she spends about an hour in her room singing them all. They get quite jumbled up as she shifts from one set of lyrics to another with the same tune and then suddenly a different one. She's quite the singer. In fact, the other day for FHE we taught about Jesus and his miracles, how he helped people to see. I told her it was kind of like Magic.....then for the closing song she sang a great song about "i'm trying to be like Jesus and he helped the people to see and he was magic and the little lord Jesus had Mary will you stand up and let us see your smile and the Easter bunny came and went to kindergarten and we all have to see the flowers that heavenly father made for us and we believe in god the eternal father and in his son Jesus Christ and in the Holy ghost." Wow, what a little song writer!

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