Sunday, May 06, 2007


Hazel is an Angel.

Charlie is WALKING! (as of a few weeks ago.) And he is VERY PROUD of it.

As for me and Jeff, we're doing well. Things have kind of calmed down a bit for Jeff at work (which makes us all happier). I'm just happy cause spring has finally made it's way to Boston. It is amazing how much life has burst into everything over the past three weeks (including me and the other people around here). You forget how dead everyone and everything is here during the winter until life starts creeping into things and places you had forgotten it existed. It is really pretty glorious. We're loving it.

Of course, things are still a bit crazy, but they're going to calm down a little with seminary ending in a few weeks. Work for me has been a little crazy as I've started running a group for moms at risk for post partum depression. It is a really fun group to run (we do some great workshops for these moms and the group helps them feel much more connected and competent as new mothers in a foreign land). It's nice to get a break from all the home visiting. I feel like this is one of the best things that our program can offer. There are so many women all living in the same area who don't know each other and are so isolated. It feels so good to be able to bring them together. I feel so blessed to have this little outlet once a week. We just found a new babysitter who speaks Spanish and is great with the kids. So, we're all feeling pretty good about that.

That's about it for us. See the other posts for a ton of info on the kiddies. We love and miss you all.
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  1. Saydi, I'm so glad you blog. Cute pictures.

  2. Love the pictures! We are still in Kazakhstan and should be home with Sophie in two weeks. She is an angel too. Isn't being a mom great! hey, how is Josh?

  3. saydi- go to this blogsite:
    and get on the list because yours would win.



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