Wednesday, August 01, 2007

BULL-DOZ-ER - Charlie living the Dream -

So, Charlie has basically had the time of his life during the past month. He is super into cars and trucks and bulldozers and boats and anything that's big and makes noise and moves. And basically, we've had quite a dose of that in the last month. It started down in St. George where Charlie got to take a drive in one of Jared's big new Semi Trucks (for those of you who don't know, he's running a trucking business now). He loved being that up close and personal with one of his greatest loves. I even thought it was pretty cool, a lot of living space in those things!

Charlie loved the horses and got to take a few guided rides with various cousins. He can make a pretty wicked horsey sound now. He got a little scared of them when we went up to feed them one day and Lady stuck her nose all the way into the car window where he was standing to take a sniff.

We have a tractor at Bear Lake that we use mostly to launch the boat with and from the first time Charlie laid his eyes on that thing it was love at first sight. Charlie spent a good chunk of his beach time sitting on the BULL-DOZ-ER (as he called it) and pretending to drive it (making great bulldozer noises and all). Occasionally Grandfather or Eli or Jeff would take him for a little ride and he was in heaven. He went around most of the day saying "Bulldozer, Beach" over and over again and pointing towards the lake just hoping that someone would take him down to see it. Most of the time when he'd wake up for his nap I'd hear him in there just saying "bulldozer" over and over again.

He had a little bit of a hard time sharing this precious pet with McKay. I'm amazed he wasn't screeching in this picture.
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