Thursday, August 02, 2007

Charlie Update

Jeff and I can't get over how much we like this kid lately. As Jeff would say, "He's just such a cool kid!" He really is a dream lately. Mostly happy, pretty darn funny, and terribly cute. The greatest thing about it is that he knows he's adorable. He walks around kind of strutting his stuff, looking up to anyone bigger than him with a huge grin on his face that so clearly says "Look at me, I'm dang cute." He does this in restaurants and on the beach alike. He's pretty easy aside from being an even pickier eater than his dad (is that possible?). He tells us when he wants to nap or go to sleep and doesn't bother us much during the night unless he's thirsty in which case he mopes a bit until we come in and find him sitting up, eyes closed, with his empty bottle thrust towards us in his outstretched arm. We fill it with water and he gulps it down and goes back to sleep. It is pretty darn sweet.
As you can see, Charlie LOVED Bear Lake. Especially being thrown in the air by his dad and various uncles.

By the end of our time at Bear Lake Charlie ran around like he owned the place. He seemed pretty comfortable with all those big people that were at first kind of scary strangers. He is quite a talker lately and will say pretty much anything we ask him to. He's even starting to put words together into little sentences (mostly having to do with boats and beaches and bulldozers) but he throws in quite a few "I love you Mamas" and "Vamos a la playas." He's much more interested in words and Spanish than Hazel was at this age. It's pretty cute.
He also has the worlds cutest giggle. I'll try to get that on video for the blog.
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