Monday, July 30, 2007

Count the Colors

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I seriously can't believe how amazing the colors are at this lake.
Eli put together a cd for our reunion and one of the songs on it is by a girl (who went to East) called Sarah Sample. It's about Bear lake....she's right on about the colors. I can't believe this place is real.

Count the Colors:

Headed for the Lake, going 45
Daddy's taking his time today
for such a beautiful drive

Count the colors
of green
a canyon in the summertime
aspen, juniper and sage
and pine.

Almost to the water,
get two raspberry shakes
and the wind is just picking up enough
to fill the sails on the lake

Count the colors
of blue down below
aqua, marine and teal
and indigo

Downhill all the way home,
facing the western sky
and it's my favorite light of day
as the sun whispers goodbye.

Count the colors
a shade set so warm and so bold
marmalade, blush and tangerine
and gold.

We are Golden.

Hazel really really loves her Pinky. It had to go everywhere with her, sand and all. She's turning out to be a great little mommy and tends to mother everything. Lately it's been her big children's sunblock bottle. She carries it like a baby and puts it down for a lot of naps. The other day I was buttering up her cousin with Hazel's sunblock baby and she said: "Mom! Don't squeeze her brains out!"

Finally these guys are really good friends. My favorite thing lately is when Hazel goes in to get Charlie after his nap. I'm not entirely sure what she's doing in there, but they just laugh like crazy til I come in. Ahhhhh, for light at the end of this tunnel.
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  1. Hey Sayds, love the blog.

  2. eliza with the white "doc" brown hairdoo and the blue water is a sight!

  3. Saydi, what a great reunion! I have been thinking of you lots, so glad to "catch up" with your blog.



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