Thursday, July 12, 2007

Eyrealm Reunion 2007

These kids are seriously having the time of their lives up here! We've been away from Boston now for two weeks. We spent the forth of July with the McFarlands in Provo (I'll post pictures of that later). We had a great all American Provo style forth complete with watching hot air balloons, a tasty bbq, lots of water fights (in 101 degree weather), the best kiddie assortment of chintzy fireworks that Walmart has to offer and a great late night view of the stadium of fire extravaganza. The kids had a fabulous time playing with Sebi, Will and Maddie. We just need to be around them more so that they can maybe rub off a bit on our kids. They are such good kids. Maybe Jeff and I just need to be around Rob and Mary Ann more to pick up some of their parenting skills. They really have skills.

We've been up at Bear Lake for almost two weeks now and man, these kids are having the time of their lives. They are SOOOO happy here pretty much all day long. Most days up here go pretty much like this:

- wake up at 6:30 with Charlie and try to get him to be a little bit quiet in a house PACKED with sleeping people (36 in total)
- eat a huge breakfast, go to the beach and chat or read while the kids have the time of their lives building sand castles, playing with aunts and uncles and older cousins, pretending they're mermaids and riding in the boat and on the tractor
-eat a tasty lunch
- more games, beach, tennis, playing "kindergarten" (Hazel's favorite), reading books with the kids
- fabulous dinner
- coax the kids to end the day and go to sleep so that they can get up and do it all over again
- games, cookies, blogs, photo editing, great talks, late nights

Basically we're all having the time of our lives. Even Jeff (I think) who left us last week to go back to work. I get the feeling that he's really enjoying being away from this chaos and having the clean house all to himself.

This kid is seriously melting our hearts. He is such a cool kid lately. Really happy. Super confident. He walks around strutting his stuff, fully aware of how irresistibly cute he is. He plays it up and gets pretty much anything he wants.

Can you imagine happier kids?

Hazel spends a lot of her time singing songs with Grandfather and insisting that he tell her more stories (with "more pages"....if she doesn't feel the story isn't long enough). What will I do when I get home and she doesn't have anyone else to give her the ridiculous amount of attention she's getting here? Yikes!
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  1. finally. the best pictures ever and a little more info about the shum pah pah pah phum ways.



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