Sunday, September 16, 2007

Charlie and his Bulldozer

Finally poor charlie has a toy of his very own, in fact he has two. A mommy and a baby bulldozer. I was feeling extra sorry for him a few weeks ago and decided that it was time to stop in the toy isle at target (something we never do) and get a bulldozer. Being the cheap mom that I am I got him a little dinky $5 bulldozer that made some noises (which he's thrilled with, and we're not). He grew immediately attached and wanted to eat, sleep, drive, play and bathe with this baby bulldozer.

Man was he THRILLED when a big momma one came in the mail a few days later. We let him try to sleep with it when he first got it, but he was much too excited for sleep, so we helped him tuck the little guy into his nice bed in our toybox and give it a kiss goodnight. Now he feeds it and kisses it and bathes it. It's his little babydoll.

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  1. that is so great that his dozer is his little baby doll. what a great lookin little guy. i was great to see him on the youtube and to enjoy their little mannerisms. it's funny how unique each kid is and that they come up with little things that are so "them"



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