Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Garden Goodness

I have always dreamed of having a vegetable garden, and this year I just decided to make it happen. We have a tiny little triangle island land surrounded by our beautiful black topped back yard which made for a very overgrown, productive and at the same time virus laden garden. As you can see, we had some awesome cauliflower and some great yellow, orange and red tomatoes. They were delicious.
We also got a few good red peppers, some very bitter lettuce, three little sugar pumpkins, 2 summer squash, 1 funny looking cucumber and about a half dozen 'gnawed on by squirrels' butternut squashes. I'm going to do things a little differently next year, but I think it was a pretty good learning year.

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  1. Good for you Sayds. I wish I could be there to taste all that good stuff with you. Nothing better than fresh stuff from the garden!

  2. saydi- you are my hero! you are gardening on top of it all! those are some amazing tomatoes. i'm seriously so impressed...

  3. Okay, I do not have a green thumb at all. I am really impressed.

  4. don't worry saydi doesn't have a green thumb either. but she may have grown one. that is so cool that charlie is a red sox fan. whop!



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