Friday, October 26, 2007

Hazel is a Swimmer!

Ok, so it's been way too long since we blogged. Too many visitors! (Could there be such a thing? I'm sure I'll be LONGING for this craziness once the doldrums of February and March hit). We have really had a great time...but now time to catch up the blog on our crazy life.
The weekend before visitors started coming it was a nice fallish 90! degrees in Boston. So, we had to give up our apple picking plans and hit the nearest Red Roof inn to use their pool. Hazel and I were both THRILLED that she mustered up enough courage to see if those water wings really worked. Lo and behold, they did and we were both free. We went with a few families in our ward who we really love. It was much more fun than apple picking in sweaty weather.

Yeah, I know, why do I keep posting these pictures that are so darn flattering of myself? I have to say that I think my kids still look pretty cute with piggy noses. They really liked this activity. They are both so fun right now.....they just get things and are actually starting to feel like little buddies (until Hazel starts throwing her little fits).

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  1. Sayds, I can't see the pictures on this one. WE miss you guys so much already!



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