Friday, October 26, 2007

Saren and Jared's Visit

Saren and Jared and Isaac and Ashton came out next and stayed for 5 days. It was so fun to be out in Boston with Saren who really gets it and loves so many of the same things that I love. It made me realize how totally blessed we are to live in such a cool place. How could you not LOVE living in Boston in October when the leaves are on fire and it's still warm and breezy and lovely and you have people you love come to see you continually. Life is good.
Man those boys of hers are lookers. They were so nice to have around. It made me think that we really should have more kids.....the idea that older kids could get up in the morning and take your baby out of the crib and entertain the little ones while you sleep in was a revelation to me! Hope! Light at the end of the tunnel! Those boys were really fun to have around. Jeff loved having someone to watch the Red Sox with and i loved having someone to chatter and make cookies with when games were on.
We spent one full day walking all around Boston. I really do love our city....especially in the rain.
This was certainly the most exciting part of Newbury Street for these boys.
i love the old and the new of boston
Harvest In BostonBack Bay and Beacon Hill

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