Friday, October 26, 2007

Three Wellesley Girls (oops, I mean Women!)

We spend a lovely afternoon out at Wellesley with Saren and family and sweet Charity. It was so cool to be there with my fellow sister Wellesley graduates. So weird that we all ended up there. How did that happen? I think my dad may have had something to do with that. Luckily we're all pretty happy about the choice (Saren and I more so than charity who can't see it through the lens of nostalgia yet.) It is really a beautiful place.
Hazel LOVES Wellesley. She loves how pretty it is, but mostly loves it because she is convinced by the "castle" buildings and all the girls there that it is a princess school. She also really loves the pizza and ice cream that we always get at the dinning hall.

On this particular day Hazel found a dead branch that she thought would be a perfect bridal bouquet and decided that Wellesley was the place to get married. So she spent most of the afternoon insisting that I preform a marriage ceremony for her and Jeff. She was thrilled to be the bride as I pronounced them "father and daughter" for time and all eternity. She also wanted to marry me and Isaac.

Princess Hazel looking out of one of the secret "princess" windows at Wellesley.
Jeff and Jared were really nice to take all the kids home to bed so that Saren and Char and I could stay and reminisce our Wellesley days. We had a great time talking about all the beauty and weirdness of Wellesley College. I love those girls!

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