Friday, November 02, 2007



The lottery for front row Wicked tickets that is (for a whopping 25 bucks each). I've tried lots of times in NY and once in Boston and now finally our number was up.

Amazingly it lived up to expectations (and as Jeff will tell you, my expectations are really hard to live up to....especially when everyone in my family has seen this show and raved about it). It really was spectacular and so fun for me to escape from my life into the spectacular, musical, sparkly, funny, entertaining world of Oz.
I was overjoyed the whole night.

It is a really cleaver story of the witches of Oz. (Jeff was really glad that I had watched the Wizard of Oz last weekend....he hates it when I don't get what's going on). It's about friendship and power and good and evil and gives you a lot to think about. And man, when Elphaba belts it out it sends a serious chill down your spine.

For those of you who live near Boston, you should go and try to see it. They have a lottery every night until it ends on November 11th. And, we think you've got about a one in four chance of winning two tickets.

It is so exciting to actually win something. Much more exciting than paying $500 for the same thing.

So, what was the life I was escaping from? Sugar rushed crazy kid life. My kids have been on a constant sugar rush since Halloween. Hazel can't stop herself from trying to convince me that the "Nerds" candy she got from trick-or-treating is actually really truly vitamins. She also informed us this morning at breakfast that bacon is made of glue. That might be better than what it is actually made of.

Life is good.


  1. hi, saydi,
    tyler and i saw wicked last summer and loved it! we are going again tomorrow night! it's such a great show! and i love the song, 'for good'-i think of lucy when i hear it. glad you got to go and glad you loved it too!

  2. Saydi...I miss you! I'm glad I've spied your blog because reading your words brings all the warm feelings back! I love how you write because I can hear you saying the words. Glad you won the lottery--I hope we can meet up sometime soon.

  3. I'm so glad that you got to go! You of all people NEEDED to see that! It speaks to your heart! Good goin' Jeff!

  4. Oh I loved Wicked too. What's not to love. Maybe I analyze TOO much, but here's my two cents, including a very insightful comment from Stacey that I think I'll need to follow-up on.

    Nice to catch up with you via your blog.

    And love the music playlists... Really great!




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