Sunday, December 30, 2007

Snowed in in New Hampshire

We spent three snowy days and three crazy nights snowed in at a great rental vacation home in New Hampshire with some friends from our ward. The kids loved being around so many other kids, and Jeff and I loved being away and around so many cool adults.
Part of what made the trip so fun was Angi Wood. She is amazing. She brought book after craft after book to keep all the kids occupied (which made life so much easier and more fun for all the adults). Hazel certainly wishes Angi was her mom after that weekend.

Hazel really takes these crafts seriously. She loves them.
Hazel with Addy (Angi's lucky daughter).
Unfortunatly Charlie spent a lot of the time pretty upset (he was still kind of sick).......the thing that distracted and delighted him was spending time on top of various game tables. He especially loved "basket ball" aka "pool."
They even had a "pool" as Hazel called the hot tub.

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