Sunday, March 30, 2008

Annual Cemetery Easter Egg Hunt

Yeah, we know, an easter egg hunt in a cemetery? It is the only large piece of open land near us....and it is kind of symbolic in a weird but cool way. Somehow it has become our easter tradition. It was so fun this year to have so many and good friends....and to have kids who were so into it.
Little Charlie was about the happiest boy you've ever seen. Seriously, our little mischievous sweet tooth thought he had died and gone to heaven. Not only was there hiding and running and bossing his favorite person Heidi around....there was CANDY!!!

Hazel found the greatest treasure ever while searching for eggs: an old, dirty, broken PRINCESS CELL PHONE (that we're sure the Easter Bunny didn't hide). She was thrilled and has been carrying it around ever since talking to all kinds of princesses. (Don't worry, we gave it a very good bath).

Hazel was trying to adopt all kinds of new families. I especially love this (very over exposed) shot of Hazel trying so hard to be a Kruckenberg.
We were so sad to see this crazy crowd go. It felt so good to have our house full to the brim with people we love.


  1. I love Hazel's cell phone find. Kenna found some Princess Aurora stickers on the floor at the airport last week and was thrilled. Oh the joys in life!

  2. thanks for such a bright spot in my day.



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