Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Best one Yet

Way to go Jeff. This mother's day was the best one yet.

Great prep the day before:
Saturday prep, I've decided, is key for Jeff: let's me be at ease the day before mother's day....knowing he actually has remembered and is reminding the kids. Brilliant hon.

Great breakfast in bed (horribly blurry photography), great break from my motherly sacrament meeting duties (I could actually listen), thoughtful gifts, cards, flowers. You didn't even moan when I suggested we drag our kids into Boston to picnic at Arnold Arboretum's 100th Lilac Day festival. You packed around the picnic basket and a bunch of nice gifts and made the kids behave.

You even took some awesome shots that totally characterize how our kids experience me as a mom (see below).
Got to LOVE Charlie's look of love and admiration here for his dear mother:

It really was a pretty magical day. One of those days where you actually see the joy of Motherhood. That's what Mother's Day should be all about.
Thank you Jeff. Unfortunately (for you) you really blew your whole "lowering expectations strategy." I only expect it to get better from here.

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  1. that look of Charlie's is classic. Looks like an amazing day.



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