Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Jeff is much better equipped to write the comments on these pictures, but since he can't seem to break into the blog it's up to me.....

. Our first night in Piedmont at the Shumway's I walked into the kitchen a little past midnight and Jeff was standing at the counter preparing an elaborate midnight snack of a baguette and some homemade rolls with manchego cheese and some kind of manly meaty cold cut. He was grinning inside and out and said "I love being home." Amazing how simple this man is. I just need to buy him some better cheese and and figure out how to get his mom's roll recipe right and he'll grin like that in our kitchen.
It really wouldn't be a proper Shumway reunion without an eclectic and delicious mix of very fine gourmet 'Nedra' food and indulgent, kind of white trash "grandpa food."

You might be wondering what "grandpa food" consists of.....as far as I can tell it's mainly easy cheese, summer sausage, cheese dip and Tostidos corn chips. Jeff and the kids were in HEAVEN! I was mostly psyched about the large assortment of fine cheeses and good fruit always on hand and of course the amazing"Nedra" meals.
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