Saturday, August 09, 2008

no one else is here

Finally Jeff is home and we're all here....Jeff, Saydi, Charlie, Hazel and ? in the tummy. Jeff got home from Africa today and the kids wore their Christmas morning glee expressions all afternoon. They both commented various times on the glorious fact that our whole entire family was all together in our house.

We went to Ihop for dinner (because, according to their marquee, that is where you're supposed to "experience America"...and after two weeks in Africa Jeff was ready to do that). The kids ate their fill of strawberry and blueberry syrup with some pancakes on the side. We were all in heaven.

Tonight Charlie gave a simple prayer. "Thank you that Charlie's here, that Saydi's here, that daddy's here, that Hazel's here and that no one else is here."

Amen Charlie.

We've had an amazing summer packed with some of our favorite people....and we had just enough of it to recognize that being home with just our little family is pretty amazing too. I hope I can remember that come March.

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  1. I have loved reading Hazel and Charlie's commentary as of late - they are brilliant little minds...

    Keep up the good work S&J!
    Stacey, Taylor and Theo



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