Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hazel is Four!

What a is EXHAUSTING! to have a little girl with such high expectations around her birthday.....I think I have a little glimpse into what Jeff's world is like around my birthday now.

I think we pulled it off though, Hazel very happily turned four this week, with a surprisingly small number of breakdowns. I'm relieved....and actually in love with my new little 4 year old.

The day before her birthday she marched into Charlie's room as soon as she woke up where I was reading with him and said, with a huge grin, in a cute little animated voice, "It's PARTY TIME!!!" Sadly her paper chain counting down the days was a little off, and she was a little sad to find out she had to wait one more day.

On her real birthday morning I woke her up saying "It's PARTY TIME!" She was amazed at the "fancy" breakfast I had prepared for her and after seeing all the decorations asked me, "Mom, this must have taken a lot of work! Did you stay up really late?" When I told her that I did stay up kind of late she said, "Oh mom, now you're going to be grumpy on my birthday!" I assured her that I'd do my best to not get grumpy at all. She was clearly worried about this because all day long she kept telling me to stop working so hard. As I was preparing her birthday dinner she said, "mom, you really need to take a little rest, you're working too hard!" I told her that I really had to work on dinner so we could have a fancy dinner. She said, "well, then what are we going to do? I guess I'll draw you some pictures to help you work hard." What a little sweetie. Honestly, I don't think I complain too much to her, I just think she was being unusually aware and sweet that day. She thanked me and Jeff so many times for everything, it was really quite sweet.

After our "fancy" breakfast of microwave bacon and grape nuts in yogurt we headed over to Hazel's good friend Adi's house. We went to the park for just a few minutes to play and then rushed off to go and meet dad for a "date" lunch. Even though we were only playing with Adi for a few minutes (most of which were spent fighting), at the end of the day when I asked Hazel what she liked best about the day she said "Playing with Adi." So funny....after all that work....I guess I'm really happy she has a friend she loves so much.

So after this awesome encounter with Adi we rushed into Boston to meet dad for a fancy lunch. One of Jeff's kind co-workers watched Charlie while we took Hazel out for Indian Food. She acted so mature during lunch. We asked her all kinds of questions and got the funniest, most sophisticated 4 year old answers. I asked her what her goals were going to be for the year. She didn't hesitate as she listed the two she had: 1. Don't wake up so early in the morning (she doesn't usually wake up until 8am.....) 2. Do my chores. I guess she's been thinking about this! Hazel is so fun to have one on one like that. She's polite and all grown up. The people at the restaruant got a kick out of her. I think they were also surprised at how much of the buffet she ate.....when we walked in they said they don't charge for children.....we should take her there more often.

The only real breakdown she had was after opening her presents at dinner and realizing that there weren't any more.

We love this little girl. I really am happy that she was the little spirit who turned me into a mom 4 years ago. I've learned so much from watching her and from being her mom. She has a tender and delecate and wise soul. I'm so happy she's mine. Only trouble is she's growing up too fast.....too bad I can't just put her in Jello.


  1. You two are great parents! I love how she just wanted you to not work so hard. So cute!

  2. That Hazel (and Charlie) are pretty lucky kids! Adorable too! Congrats on surviving all that!



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