Friday, September 05, 2008

Labor Day Camping at Harold Parker State Forrest

We had a great time camping over labor day with some friends. Our kids are actually good campers this year....too bad the season is over. We went to the same campground (very close to our house) as we did last year at this time when Jeff had to drive Charlie home in the middle of the night because he was waking up the entire croweded campsite with his insistance that we all get up and play some kind of monster truck game with him. Man, we've come a long way. I love Harold Parker's close and easy and beautiful with a lot of great little hiking trails and swimming lakes.

Since Hazel's official birthday tradition is to go camping, we started off her "birthday season" there with some cupcakes. She was thrilled to be the center of attention......

Our dear friends the Snows came and joined us on Saturday. I love this picture of Hazel having a very adult conversation with some princess on her princess cell phone she found in the cemetery last spring. She is attached to that thing like I am to mine.

We were the only family who stayed Saturday night and it was good to have a little family time. The wacked out nap schedule allowed us to have some one on one time around the fire with each kid before bedtime. They were both so cute as they sat and talked to us. Charlie was absolutly mesmorized by the fire and by the flashlights. We let him hold the flashlight for a while and he was delighted that he could make big and little circles of light. He'd hold it right down on the ground and say "little, little, little, bigger, bigger, bigger" as he lifted it up and the light circle grew. At one point he made a circle (around himself) and in a very panicked voice yelled "how am I going to get out!" Then he quickly made the circle small again and hopped out of the light and said in a relieved tone, "oh, man, I got out!"

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