Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Joy School Christmas Party

Amazing Angi hosted our Joyschool Christmas party this year. It was awesome. It was so nice to just show up and not have to do anything. In fact, Joyschool has sort of been like that for me for the past two months. I taught ever other week in Sept and October in order to store up some time off to get used to three kids. Boy, I could really get used to this....it feels luxurious, like I'm sending my child to an actual preschool! The other moms in my group are such good teachers and Hazel enjoys it so much.....do I really have to spoil things and start teaching again in January? Darn, I think I do.

Hazel has been really getting the "giving" part of Christmas this year. We took the kids to the dollar store so that they could buy their gifts. Throughout December Hazel was doing odd jobs to earn quarters and she saved up 5 dollars to buy her gifts. We went to the dollar store and she, on her very own, went about picking a special thing out and even went through check out almost all on her own. Charlie is another story. He also saved up some money doing "money jobs" around the house.....but the dollar store had too many things to catch his little eye. We went through together with him mostly throwing fits about the presents he wanted to buy for himself.....it was especially hard for him to shop for Jeff as he wanted all the same things that he thought his Daddy would like. Poor little guy. To get him through the ordeal I had to convince him that Emmeline would buy him the Lightning McQueen nightlight that he had become obsessed with as we shopped. He did get pretty excited when he was actually giving the gifts out....Next year you'll get it little guy.

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  1. You will be THE BEST! Good luck with Emmeline AND Charlie in tow! Cute kids!!! Bless Angi!



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