Thursday, December 04, 2008

The Perfect Christmas Tree

A long time ago I decided that one of our Christmas traditions should be getting a really crappy cheap Christmas tree. We'd tell the kids one of my favorite Christmas stories about a tree that is kind and charitable and lets all the little animals next in it's branches, making it haggard and bare....and then, because of it's goodheartedness the queen picks it to be the Royal Christmas tree. It's a great story, and I thought it would be a good way to be cheap and get a charlie brown tree. Well, Jeff didn't really go for it this year....he wanted a real we got one....and it is beautiful. Just for the sake of tradition I pointed out to the kids a few little imperfections.....signs that this tree has indeed been kind to the world.

It has been so nice having Jeff off work here and there as part of his paternity leave from Bridgespan. It makes easing into three kids so much more managable....and doing holiday things so much more fun.

Hazel has been practiciing her photography skills in hopes that she'll get a "real camera" from Santa.

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