Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Jeff turned ** last week...or the week before.....I'm very behind on things.
It was kind of a crazy day/week/two weeks so I didn't get around to posting until now....but thought I'd do it anyway, since I know how much it will mean to Jeff (he actually hates these things.)

Here are some of the reasons I love Jeff:

1. He is an amazing Dad. The kids love him so soon as he gets home from work the kids run squealing and jumping into his arms. There isn't a better indicator than that.
2. He is smart. I think he's the smartest person I know.....and it's not just book smarts (although it is that). He gets people, he gets the world, he gets me (most of the time)....he just gets it and I love that.
3. He's funny in a very geeky, clever sort of way that I adore.
4. He's willing to do almost anything I ask him to do, at the drop of a hat. He's a very helpful husband and nothing is beneath him.
5. He patiently (and most of the time eagerly) explains anything to me that I don't get.....economics, history, pop plots.
6. He is committed to doing good in the world. And he's actually doing it. Through his job, through his work at church, mostly just through his heart. He has a big heart and sees needs and works hard to fill them.
7. He is HANDY. He can fix and figure out almost anything, which makes him a very handy guy to have around.
8. His goal is to ride a motorcycle.....At Joy School last week the class was talking about goals and were going around stating what their dad's goals where. The other girls were saying things like: "My dad's goal is to fix people's teeth" and "my dad's goal is to be a lawyer." When it came to Hazel she said, "My dad's goal is to ride a motorcycle." How did she know?
9. He has a great head shape.....which makes him very hot, even though he's bald.
10. Jeff is good to the core. There is not one ounce of mean spiritedness in his heart, not a bit of hatred or jealousy or pride. He is just good, through and through.

Happy Birthday Jeff! We love you.

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