Monday, February 02, 2009

Charlie is FREE !!!

Happy Birthday Charlie!

Charlie spent most of his birthday going around announcing the the world that he is 'free.' He's pretty proud of himself, as you can see from all of these pictures. This kid is not lacking in any self confidence (even with his new haircut).

We had a great day. We had a little play date with a few friends at a place called Monkey Joes (an indoor play place with tons of inflatable jumping houses and slides.) After the initial terror (charlie is really a wimp at first with most things) he was racing around and squealing with delight. We spent way too long there, which made for a not so fun birthday afternoon.......
but, by the time we got around to decorating his cake Charlie was pleased as punch again. He designed his birthday cake and was very particular about it. He wanted a "circle white blueberry cake with berries all around it."
It was quite fancy, and quite involved and he ate all of 2 bites before he declared he was done. At first I was upset....all that work and he wouldn't even eat it....and then I realized I was trying to force a three year old to eat a delicious birthday cake full of sugar late at night.....what was i thinking? As soon as I realized it just meant more lemon blueberry cake for me and a much more peaceful evening I immediately stopped pushing.
We had quite an eventful birthday dinner where at charlie's request we had pepperoni pizza, broccoli and 'spicy' drink (aka root beer). Charlie ate all of two forced bites....he was WAY too excited about opening presents.

Charlie got some pretty cool presents....but I think his favorite was this awesome "real" fixer guy tool kit....filled with measuring things, safety goggles and even a flashlight(thanks Grandma and Grandpa Shumway!). He went around the house measuring things.....he declared most everything in the house to be either six or sixteen hundred poundsands.

I had a few great moments during the day where I was overcome with love for this little boy. I am so happy that I get to be his mom and that he splashed into that tub three years ago.

Here are some of the things I love about Charlie right now:
1. he gives me really sweet hugs out of the blue, all the time.
2. he loves emmeline rose (as he always calls her) more than i would have ever thought a rough and tumble little boy could love a little blob of a baby sister.
3. he is content to be bossed around by hazel nearly all day long.
4. he thinks I'm magical. he said it the other day. " are magical!" When I asked him why he said it was because I know how to cut out paper hearts.
5. He notices everything.....I especially love that the notices the stars and the moon and other beautiful things. And he gets so excited about them and makes sure we all take note.
6. He says things like: "mom....let me tell you something about cars. Do you know that when cars go really fast you can't see the insides of the tires?"
7. he loves to sing. he makes up all kinds of great songs, all day long and belts them out (think he learned that from Hazel?).
8. He exudes self confidence.
9. he jumps off of everything
10. he is really very handsome....I just can't get enough of him.

Jeff and I lay awake at night and talk about how much we like this kid. Of course you love your children.....but we really LIKE charlie too. He is just a cool cool kid.


  1. it's so funny he calls root beer spicy juice, my nephew calls it "hot" juice... it must be because of the bubbles... so funny! Happy birthday Charlie, celebrate your freedom!

  2. Happy Birthday Charlie!
    Theo P

  3. Happy birthday dear Charlie! It's so weird how much he looks like Noah with his new haircut. Do you see that?

  4. Wow, we must agree that this is one spectacular little boy! Can't believe that it's been three years since he splashed into the world. Give him hugs from us!

  5. What a fun age! I love this age! You are such a good Mom! That cake looks so yummy!(My b day is May 28) can you make me one : )
    Love ya

  6. Glad Charlie liked the Fixer Guy Tool Kit--and glad you extracted the hammer before you gave it to him. Might have been a little too much "fixing"! Love to you all (and special thanks to Saydi for being on duty over the weekend so Jeff could come to Grandpa's funeral. He gave a beautiful Family Prayer before the service.)
    Love, Grandma and Grandpa S.



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