Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Emmeline Update

Emmeline is THREE months....wait, almost three and a half months! Where has the time gone? I can't believe how fast it's flying by. I certainly didn't feel this way with Hazel. I remember really struggling to get through three months....feeling very zombieesk the whole time....pretty shocked at what motherhood was really all about. I remember listening to a song called "turn around" sung by the mo-tab. The lyrics say something like, "turn around and they're one, turn around and they're four, turn around and they're a young man walking out of the door." I remember thinking that those were ridiculous lyrics....it seemed that the only thing that was happening when I was turning around was that she was awake (again!) or had spit up (again!) or needed to eat (again!) or needed to be changed (yes, again!). I'm feeling very different about Emmeline. Is it that she is the third? Is it that she is super mellow and easy going and sleeps well ---and is that because she is the third and not doted on as much as Hazel was? Who knows....all I do know is that I am loving these first few months. I'm getting more and more addicted to her every day. Nope....it's not all kicks and giggles....we have our moments (we both have thrush right now....which is not at all fun). But, for the most part I'm enjoying the newborn stage....and I never thought I'd say that. (Remember, there was a time I wanted to ship my newborns off to Shawni and couldn't understand how she liked them so much!).
Who could help but get addicted to those chubby cheeks and that huge double chin? Emmeline is by far our chunkiest and hairiest baby.
Motherhood is AMAZING. I look at this baby and can not get over how incredibly cute I think she is. Now, not being her mom you may look at this picture and think that she's a little funny looking....I mean look at that profile and that crazy hair! Objectively I can see all that....but when she smiles at me I get drawn in and nothing has ever looked so adorable.

I'm loving the 'bumbo' chair. It says right on the back that I'm not supposed to use it for baths....but nothing has ever been more handy and I'm convinced that supervised use of this seat during her bath time is much safer than me trying to hold her up and nearly cutting off circulation in her arms (I looked at her poor little arm once while I was bathing her in the sink and it had turned blue!).
It's so nice to have a child that doesn't scream when I pour water over their head. Emmeline seems a little shocked but totally untethered.

Hazel is making her smile in this one (above). This little girl really likes having Hazel around. Charlie is another story. Below is the look she gets on her face when Charlie comes around. Bless his heart, he loves her so much.....but just a little too much sometimes. After the initial shock she usually warms up to him. I'm trying so hard to encourage his affection and channel it a little rather than always scold him for getting too close. I hope those two will be good friends.
Emmeline has the right to look a little worried here. I was trying to balance her in this crazy basket and charlie was jumping on the couch all around her and I was sticking the camera in her face. Poor girl.
Look at how much she's changed since the picture (in the same place) that shawni took of her at 2 weeks. One day I will turn around and she'll be a young woman walking out of the door.

Time to go and clean up under my couch! I didn't notice all the treasures under there until seeing this picture.


  1. i.m laughing. great crazy photographs and will you clean under that couch please.

  2. She really is adorable - they all are. I have the same combo as you: girl-boy-girl. My son Isaac is great friends with baby Grace (who is actually 5 now). He and my oldest are also great friends. It isn't such a bad deal, even though he gets caught in between sometimes. I'm so glad you are appreciating every moment!

  3. What a perfect, adorable child. I especially love the scared-of-Charlie pictures! And the one on the couch- to die for!! Hope to see you guys soon!

  4. She is SO beautiful I can hardly stand it. You are one lucky, lucky girl! And so is she to have such a great mother like you. Love you guys!

  5. This child is ADORABLE! I just have to say, I told you so on this child! She is such a treasure. I think you've changed a bit too. It all helps!

  6. man you sure got a good number 3. Mine wasn't so sweet. But she sure turned into sweet, so that's ok. Give her a bunch of cuddles for me!!



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