Thursday, March 05, 2009

yeah right rainbow mars and rodney yee

I used to really love Yoga. It's an awesome combo of strength training and relaxation/meditation. In my pre-three-kids life I used to go to the gym and revel in the peace and centered-ness that hour in a quiet dark room with an awesome instructor gave me. I left feeling like I had a great work out, but also kind of like I'd had a massage....and I felt happy inside. It was awesome.

So lately, I've attempted to get back that same feeling by doing some Yoga DVDs at home.

Oh, how I wish Rainbow Mars and Rodney Yee could see into my world as they're on their secluded beaches telling me to focus and concentrate on my inner breath. I wonder if they'd laugh or cry or cringe if they saw me, in my stuffy little house, my yoga mat laid out in a sea of toys, trying my darndest to do down-ward dog with a 3 year old climbing up my back, or try triangle with a 4 year old trying to do on the couch next to me crying in frustration cause she can't get it right....all the time with a screaming baby in the background. It makes me cry, it makes me cringe, it makes me laugh....but it doesn't make me feel too centered.

Maybe PBS would be a good idea while I'm doing Yoga?


  1. Ha! I'm totally laughing slash cringing with you. This is hilarious.

  2. Dad read this to me and I was yoga-ed to the bone with memories! Oh how I identify. Great writing!
    Love you!

  3. You are the yoga queen, Sayds, even with kids climbing on you. I always think of you when I do yoga. We better do it again this summer.



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