Wednesday, April 22, 2009

shameless plug for these amazing women

I have been seriously blessed with amazing, inspiring women in my life. My mother, my sisters, my mother in law, my sisters in law, my grandmothers, my dear dear friends. My life has been so enriched by their examples.

I'm particularly proud to be blood related to four of them. I love my mom and three sisters so's more than love. It's total admiration. I feel like I'm constantly trying to emulate something about them all the time. It's super motivating and frustrating to have such perfect relations!

Seriously, how do they have it all together? My sister Charity is rocking as a missionary for our church in England. She is working her little heart out and changing people's lives. My mom is always going and giving and never asking for anything. My sister Saren has a million good ideas for changing the world every minute and instead of just letting the idea float by as a passing thought, she grabs the best ones and makes them happen. And then there's Shawni....she's kind and beautiful and smart and packs so many good things into her life all while being the world's greatest mom. Really, they are amazing.

So, here comes the plug: my mom and Shawni just published a book. A book! I can't imagine publishing a book (especially after seeing all the work they put into it last summer). I just got it in the mail yesterday and I'm thrilled. It's lovely and funny and's packed with good, totally doable ideas and stories that make you feel like they're right there with you in this beautiful struggle of motherhood. I love it (and I'm in it!)

Here's the link for anyone interested. Shawni's youngest daughter Lucy was recently diagnosed with rare genetic disorder called Bardet-Biedl and a portion of the proceeds of this book go to help fund research to discover ways to mitigate the effects of this disorder.

And then there's Saren who just launched an awesome website for moms.

Be careful cause it can really suck you really good ways. It's packed with great articles and ideas about motherhood that you can read in short little increments....they've really pulled me out of some mires lately. And it's interactive so you can share your own ideas to help other moms out there.

So, there you have it. A shameless plug for the work these wonderful woman in my life are doing. Hope you feel enlightened by some of it like I have!


  1. I love this book! My mom already gave me and my sisters a copy after hearing about it from your mom at their book group. As soon as I get to it, I will add the link to my blog as well. You and your family are always so inspiring.

  2. eady got the book (well, hubbie did for me for mother's day from the kids) can't wait.

  3. Thanks so much Saydi, but it is we who admire you! You're always there in trenches, loving it and helping those who need it most! Get're next in line for the "daughter's co-authoring books club"
    Love you!

  4. My Mom LOVED this book (and so did I!) You can look for my review of it on Meridian next Tuesday. It's up there on my "top three" for Mother's Day recommendations this year. I agree with your Mom Saydi - you ought to be next!



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