Monday, April 13, 2009

coco keys

Wow, we have a lot of catching up to do! We did a few things to beat the march blues and make spring come a little faster. One of them was organize a trip to a totally trippin' indoor waterpark just north of our home. It was loud and chaotic and the kids LOVED it. A bunch of family friends met us there, including our beloved New York Eyres. We spent two days there and stayed overnight in the lovely and quite noisy hotel connected with the resort.

with all the beach lounge chairs, water, humid air and fake tropical plants everywhere I almost felt like we were in Florida. Almost....the water and air was a little cold....but no one complained for long.
Charlie spent most of the first day watching Hazel zoom down the slides over and over and over again. I made the mistake of pushing him to much to go down one of them early on in the day....he had water wings on which promptly got him stuck at the end of the slide. He was a little too traumatized to try again that day and spent most of it wadding around in the kids area. On saturday, after probably an hour of coaxing and watching and bribing we got him to go down this little red slide. I had to tell him that we'd give him a quarter and he could buy some candy from the vending machine. For a while he INSISTED that he'd rather do chores for the quarter....but after showing him the amazing looking gummy worms in the vending machine and telling him for the eight time that there were no chores at COCO KEYS he gave in. He was shaking like a leaf as he stood at the edge of this tiny baby slide with Jeff at the bottom to catch him. Of course, once he did it he fell in love and zoomed up and down for our last two hours of our stay.
Although he graduated to the big kid slide, he insisted (through hand gestures at the top of the slide) every time that Jeff stand at the bottom with his arms open to catch him.

Emmeline seemed to like being able to feel some air on her skin for the first time in her life. And she loved the water. She did really well for that much stimulation.

And it was so fun to get her together with her little cousin Lyla. They really enjoyed each other...almost like they were old friends.

Exhausted after all that bravery.

There was some guy there showing off real life crocodiles....made us feel even more like we were at the keys.
Oh, we love that cousin McKay. These boys were racing around by the end like they owned the place.

I think I have a pretty handsome little guy....
Hooray for CoCo Keys. Thanks for pulling us through the winter. Hopefully we'll see you again next year when March has made us crazy.


  1. Saydi, this is SO fun to see! How great that cold old Boston has figured out a way to beat the winter blahs! Great kids! Great photographer! Emmeline is growing up...and Lyla right along with her! I gotta figure out how to see those kids since I won't be here when you come. I'll do it somehow! I can't wait until JULY!!!

  2. that last one is mckay sucking it in and charlie "gotta have a garage"



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