Saturday, April 11, 2009

super heros

The kids are really into super heros lately....and super powers. Hazel is bestowing on us all kinds of super powers. She hands out little origami stars and instructs us on what kind of super power it will evoke. She mostly gives me "diaper changing super powers." She told me that when I need to change Emmeline's diaper, magically diapers would appear. I kind of forgot about the power until the next day when I said, 'Oap, Emmeline needs her diaper changed.' Hazel scampered off and before I could say Jiminy Cricket a diaper and box of wipes flew down from upstairs and landed right at my feet. Wow, that's a really handy superpower!
She gives Charlie "obedience" super powers. They don't work quite as well as the diaper changing ones.

and thanks to Aunt Mary Ann for the awesome super hero capes.


  1. Saydi, your kids are so funny and cute. You must be rubbing off on them.

  2. What a creative little lady Hazel it! Sam and I always get the biggest kick out of reading your funny kids' stories!

  3. I think YOU are the Super Hero!



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