Tuesday, May 19, 2009

They’ve Got Joy!!!

We had Joy School graduation last week, and boy, somehow over the past year these little girls have really grown up and got joy. Last year we had a graduation and it was a total bust. Horrible. Click here to read all about it (I didn’t even blog about it, it was so bad….I didn’t want to remember it). Every kid was crying and melting down….it’s a wonder that we all decided to go for another year after that horrible event. Glad we did because they got it this year. I love these girls (and luckily Charlie, our honorary member, has learned to behave himself more gentlemanly around them).joy school graduation-0999

I think part of the reason the Graduation went so well was that I had a little huddle with the girls before we started and told them that they had to show how much Joy they had inside of them or they couldn’t graduate….and magic….not one tear. I guess they all really really want to move on to Kindergarten (this is Hazel’s THIRD year at Joy School). joy school graduation-1022

Joy School Pep song. joy school graduation-1031

"Did you know, (joy) can grow on my toe, and keep my knees so they won’t FREEEZE.” These girls love doing actions. Charlie is just trying to figure out what is going on. joy school graduation-1038

Hazel took her march in to get her diploma quite seriously. joy school graduation-1039 joy school graduation-1053

Charlie just attended Joy School when it was at our house……still, he’s pretty darn proud of himself. That boy certainly get’s the “Joy of Self Confidence".”joy school graduation-1056

joy school graduation-1058

Doing our JOY SCHOOL ROCKS cheer. joy school graduation-1060 Proud Graduatesjoy school graduation-1072

I think we should have taken a picture of the mom’s throwing up our hats. As much as we all loved what Joy School did for our kids, I think we’re all pretty excited that it’s over for a while. Boy, it’s a lot of work. Good, important, hard work. joy school graduation-1073

By my last day teaching, Hazel and I had learned not to totally clash during the class. Yes, it took three years….three years, a lot of yelling and frustration and prolonged time outs. Hazel loved Joy School at her friend’s houses, but something about me being the teacher didn’t work out too well for her. Since it was at her house she wanted to be in charge of EVERYTHING and that really pushes my buttons when I’m trying to get six kids to understand a lesson I’ve worked hard on preparing. Oh, how I love this little girl, even if I think I scared the other kids at times by being so darn mad at her during Joy School. joy school graduation-1077

To her credit, I think Hazel really got the joy school concepts, and I love the Joy School concepts. I love the idea that kids should learn these important emotional skills before being pushed into the academic world of school. Joy School has given us a common language to talk about important things, things that she’ll hopefully draw on her entire life. I also love that Joy School has given Hazel a relationship with some amazing women. The other mom’s who taught with me have taught both of us so much. And I love that Joy School has taught me that I can do cool, crafty things with my kids. The lessons forced me to do things that I wouldn’t muster up the creativity or energy to do if I didn’t have it pushing me along.

Joy School does rock. (But I’m glad it’s over for now.)

For more info on Joy School, click here.


  1. Thanks Saydi! Hope you don't mind if we use these pics and your great thoughts (maybe not the ones about Hazel...that adorable little girl with the darling new haircut...How could she be naughty???) on the Joy School site. We love that you love it! How could we have known when we were working all this out that we would have adorable grandchildren loving this program. What a JOY!

  2. We've got out Joy School graduation next week. I'll have to get some ideas from you. Our group is a YOUNG group so we may have the experience with graduation that you had last year. Please no!!!



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