Friday, May 08, 2009

two more of my favorite things

Can't believe Emmeline made it to the top of that last favorite things list and these guys didn't make it on at all! (Shows who's the real favorite around here lately!)

Hazel and Charlie really are two of my most very favorite things in the whole world right now and I've been meaning to add them to the list every day for the past week and a half. Ahh, poor blog, it's at the bottom of my long to do list right now.

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These guys just get better and better at being friends. They often wake up in the morning and just play in their room for quite a while while I try to pry myself from the bed. They go on all kinds of imaginary adventures around our house, always calling each other, "hun." I'm surprised at how well their personalities mix.....Hazel bosses Charlie around most of the time, but when he really cares about something he pushes back and amazingly, she respects that.

Look at him adore her. I think she feels adored by him and that's why their relationship works, she doesn't have any of her insecurities around little "Char" (as she calls him).

Hazel is growing like crazy. She's almost a head taller than a lot of her friends. When did that happen? When did my baby girl turn into this (above) little lady? 80% of the time Hazel is charming, funny, smart, super obedient, helpful and good to the core. (But watch out the other 20% of the time). The thing I'm loving about Hazel lately is that 100% of the time she is honest and trustworthy. She really never tells me a lie and ALWAYS tells me exactly what has happened, even if it totally incriminates her. I love that girl.

And then there's Charlie. This little guy is the love of my life (after Jeff of course). He is charming and funny and talks with a total Boston/baby accent. We love having him around (except for when he has just woken up from a crazy cat nap in some strange location (the car, the kitchen island). Then he's a wicked pissa.

Yes, they are most definitely two of my favorite things.


  1. they are two of my favorite things too. Can't wait to see them this summer.

  2. MINE TOO! Sure love these cuties! Let's go to the library and get another 100 books to read to them this summer!

  3. Mine THREE!!! You really do have the cutest little family, Saydi :)



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