Tuesday, July 07, 2009

cookies for sale!!!

lemonade-cookies stand-3896

For the last four weeks of the school year Hazel and Charlie started a pretty lucrative business.....selling cookies to all the hungry after school kids who walk by our house on their way home. The first day they were pretty shy, but still attracted quite a few costumers just by being cute and timid. The next week their friend Addi showed them how it is to be done, screaming "COOKIES FOR SALE!" to all passer-byers. I think they might have been scared not to buy a cookie. By the last week Hazel and Charlie had it down. Hazel took the money, Charlie held a "BUY A COOKIE" sign and jumped up and down shouting, in Addi fashion: "COOKIES FOR SALE!!!." We met a lot of great kids and I got a lot of compliments on my cookies. I'm psyched, I've always wanted to find someway to be famous for my cookies. lemonade-cookies stand-3890

Charlie and Hazel are pretty psyched too. They've been saving their money for all kinds of things, mostly packs of gum, but Hazel saved enough to buy part of her very own tag-a-long (bike that attaches to jeff's so they can ride together). lemonade-cookies stand-3895

Watching them sell was pretty entertaining too. They decided that they had better luck getting people to stop if I wasn't visible, so I left the door open (so nosey neighbors would know that they were being semi-supervised) and sat in on the couch and watched them through the window. Hazel sat at the table and ordered Charlie when people came into view to start his selling. Charlie obeyed and smiled. They were pretty shy actually talking to their costumers, usually just pointed at the sign when asked questions about price, product ect. People must have thought it was cute. After the costumers left I saw Charlie pull in his little fist in victory saying, "Yes! I'm gonna be rich!" Maybe you will little boy.

Next year we have plans to sell all kinds of things, cookies, hot chocolate when it's cold (charlie made sure to tell all the costumers about this one), art and pipe cleaner rings (these are Hazel's ideas). I'm going to start making them pay rent.


  1. Addi had a blast and she has been begging non-stop to do our own stand (This Saturday is the big day). Also, I'm not leaving the state with out the cookie recipe that will make you famous!!

  2. This is adorable! Your kids always make me smile Saydie!



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