Thursday, July 02, 2009

Little K preview

This is the second time that I’ve got to shoot little K. Look how much she’s grown! Here she is at 6 months (I think).20080216-IMG_5764

And then here she is this week at 22 months. My, how they grow, and how the sessions change. I love running after these little two year olds and watching them explore and be adored by their parents. Little Kate-6987

Little Kate-6966 Little Kate-7101 Little Kate-7205 Little Kate-7221 Little Kate-7312 Little Kate-7400 Little Kate-7373 I love that her mom and dad were cool with her getting TOTALLY wet in these puddles. We even stripped her down just to her boots at the end. She was in heaven and the pictures are awesome….but, to protect her privacy I didn’t post any here, it might embarrass her when she’s 15. Little Kate-7451 Little Kate-7473

Little Kate-7481

Oh the wonders of childhood. I love how into the rocks and flowers and plants this little girl was. Little amazing details in life that we forget about as we grow up.

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