Friday, September 18, 2009

NYC Day #2

NYC Tal and Anita's Wedding-1762

Sunday was great.  We went to Noah and Kristi and Anita’s ward.  There were so many interesting friendly people and it was nothing short of glorious to be able to sit through the meetings without having to attend to kids.   NYC Tal and Anita's Wedding-1477 After church we went to the Met.  My mom did such a good job of planting a love of art in all of us….it’s especially fun to see art with her, her love of it is contagious.  I think my favorite part of NYC Tal and Anita's Wedding-1485  I think my favorite thing to see in an art museum is modern art.  It’s not that I think it’s all aesthetically pleasing, it’s just that it’s so darn cool to see what people’s minds come up with and I love how interactive a lot of it is.  It’s just plain entertaining to me.  I could have stood in front of this hexagonal mirror kind of thing for ever…..the whole piece of art changes if you move a millimeter.  Loved it. NYC Tal and Anita's Wedding-1491 NYC Tal and Anita's Wedding-1499 My favorite part though, was the roof.  I’d never been on the roof of the met.  It was spectacular….and the lighting that day was amazing for photographs. NYC Tal and Anita's Wedding-1509NYC Tal and Anita's Wedding-1511 There’s this great branchy sculpture there…….oh, I love modern art.  NYC Tal and Anita's Wedding-1676NYC Tal and Anita's Wedding-1555 We spent way too long up there taking pictures in reflection of this window.  I think they look so cool with the sculpture and the city behind them.  For a split second I wished my kids were there so I could do a self-portrait family photo there for our holiday card.  But only for a second. NYC Tal and Anita's Wedding-1570  NYC Tal and Anita's Wedding-1577 NYC Tal and Anita's Wedding-1568NYC Tal and Anita's Wedding-1584 NYC Tal and Anita's Wedding-1591 NYC Tal and Anita's Wedding-1605 NYC Tal and Anita's Wedding-1612  NYC Tal and Anita's Wedding-1677NYC Tal and Anita's Wedding-1688 After the museum we headed to the park.   Ahhh…Sunday afternoon on the great lawn.  Time to watch clouds and talk.  NYC Tal and Anita's Wedding-1692 NYC Tal and Anita's Wedding-1697 NYC Tal and Anita's Wedding-1706 I love this picture of my dad.  He’s doing Hazel’s signature  “i feel alive” pose.  I think he was pretty happy being with all his adult children for the weekend.  He’s settling into the idea of being more of a peer than a father….and doing it very nicely.   He is one of my favorite people, one of my best friends.

NYC Tal and Anita's Wedding-1722Sadly I didn’t set up my camera right for this shot….but no worries, there were about 5 other cameras shooting away.  Kristi found this limb in central park for us to recreate the family picture we took 20+ years ago, the one where we all have pegged pants, the one my parents have used for ages for all their publicity.  I can’t wait to see the real picture.

It was pretty funny all sitting there, none of us were particularly comfortable, my dad was pretty worried about the limb breaking and we attracted quite a crowd of onlookers wondering what on earth was going on.  NYC Tal and Anita's Wedding-1749 We ended the day going out to eat with Julie and Eli and Shawni and Dave. It was fun to be able to break up into smaller groups and really reconnect.  We had a great dinner, great talk.  We were all pretty exhausted by the end and headed back to “the brownstone.”  Have I mentioned the brownstone?  I don’t have a single picture of it, but it was amazing.  Some very very generous friends of Noah and Kristi’s and old friends of mine let us stay in the apartment they generally rent out above their home.  It was huge and beautiful and close to Noah and Kristi’s……it was perfect.  And, on top of that, they let us use their apartment as a gathering place.  I’d move to NYC in a heart beat if I had that set up, it was a fabulous place…..I couldn’t believe I was still in NYC. 

Stay tuned for Day 3 and some wedding pictures from the big day #4.


  1. dang. i'm mad i missed the modern art. i never did find that part of the museum. great photos.

  2. Forgive the audacity of my posting when I don't even know you, but I found your blog through Linn. I couldn't help but be amazed at your NY photos...I was there for a week over the summer and loved every minute of it.

    Seeing your photos and reading of your 'adventures' is bringing it all back.


  3. Oh man this is so fun to see! Love seeing everything through your eyes and your mind! The pictures are truly amazing and I'm so happy to see things that no one else got! Wow, did we have fun or what?



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