Monday, September 28, 2009

NYC day #3

New York is pretty old news by now….when will I be on top of blogging?  For what it’s worth, here’s day number three of a trip that seems like it was in another life time. NYC Tal and Anita's Wedding-1765 Much to Jeff’s delight we visited the Intrepid Museum (an HUGE aircraft carrier parked in the Hudson, converted to a museum) which claims on it’s flyer that it is THE great American adventure.  It was pretty cool, especially with Jeff and my brother in law Jared as guides….between the two I think they new more than the tour guides.  NYC Tal and Anita's Wedding-1783 Jeff and I also waited in the line of all lines to eat at the Shake Shack.  It was a pretty darn good burger if you ask me…..almost worth the hour long line. NYC Tal and Anita's Wedding-1806 Saren and I left the Intrepid a little early and went to help my mom prepare for Tal and Anita’s BBQ.  Tal’s room mate has access to this amazing community garden right in the middle of Chelsea where both families met to eat and talk about how much we love Tal and Anita and how happy we are that they found each other.  I love those before the wedding get together, they always make me realize just how much I love, adore, like etc the person getting married.  People told some pretty sweet stories about both Anita and Tal that brought me to tears.  I love those two.NYC Tal and Anita's Wedding-1811 After the BBQ the guys took Tal out for a little bachelor party at Dave and Busters (some sort of fancy arcade) and I got to hang out with my mom, sisters and sisters in law.  We walked along the Highline, which is an old elevated railway that they’ve converted into a really cool park/walkway.  It has amazing views and really cool gardens.  It was heaven walking slowly through, eating some fancy cup cakes and talking with my dear friends. NYC Tal and Anita's Wedding-1826

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  1. You can't know how happy I am to see this picture of our "garden party". I don't think anyone else got any. Anyone? Great pics a little different than others caught! Also so fun to see what you did while others were doing other things! Just great usual!



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