Monday, October 19, 2009

i heart my iphone

ok, so I got on the bandwagon. my old iPod had some serious issues so I returned it and with the money got myself an iphone. i’m in love with the thing. I'm quickly becoming more and more horrible about logistics because I tell myself I can figure everything out on the go with my new love….which is pretty much true….until I loose it or it falls out of my pocket and into the toilet. Then I’ll be toast.

For now, I’m just enjoying.

I think my favorite thing is that I can take pictures of what I’m doing with the kids and email them off in a blink to jeff or other’s who might be interested. And I love the crappy photo diary I’m creating….I love the freedom of being able to take a picture without the need to download and edit and make it perfect. It feels real, and it’s much easier!

Here are some of the things we’ve been up to lately.2009-09 first iPhone pics 117 Emmeline had her first thrill on a swing and she was IN LOVE. And man, am I in love with this girl!2009-09 first iPhone pics 003 We’ve been taking “mommy school” field trips to all kinds of places… we are at the science museum.2009-09 first iPhone pics 005 2009-09 first iPhone pics 008 2009-09 first iPhone pics 013 Hazel got some awesome bug boxes from G and G Shumway for her birthday.2009-09 first iPhone pics 017 Hazel and Charlie both know how to model it up when prompted. I love this about them. 2009-09 first iPhone pics 019 2009-09 first iPhone pics 024 We went to the temple for a primary activity. 2009-09 first iPhone pics 032 Hazel hides away to her little window sill to work out words in her early reader books. I love it. 2009-09 first iPhone pics 046 Last Indian summer trip to the beach. How do kids still delight in that freezing water on cold days? They have way more guts than I do. Especially little Emmeline who kept wanting to go in further and further until I just had to strip her down….to her delight. 2009-09 first iPhone pics 054 2009-09 first iPhone pics 055 2009-09 first iPhone pics 066 an owl at the science museum. 2009-09 first iPhone pics 071Here’s me and Hazel on a little mommy date to barnes and noble. 2009-09 first iPhone pics 089 my favorite fall activity: apple picking.2009-09 first iPhone pics 108 again, some awesome poses at the children’s museum. 2009-09 first iPhone pics 110 How’s that for a boring post with grainy unedited pictures (and I have to say, some pretty horrendous ones of me).

but hey, it only took me 4 min to write.

and it’s all pretty true to my real life.

and i love it.


  1. beauty sayds. charlie and the claw grip is really a good one. we hope you are having a great autumn.

  2. How in the heck do you get such great pictures on your iPhone? Mine aren't that good. Don't tell me I need an upgrade! I better figure out how to do this! How come the pictures are so big? So much to little time!

    I can't stand that Hazel is getting so old albeit beautiful! Hug those cuties for us!



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