Thursday, November 05, 2009

cast model

Hazel is pretty observant. Maybe too observant of some things.  After one trip to the mall with her(seriously folks, only one trip in months and months…..I don’t go to the mall too often) I asked Hazel to be a “cast model” for me so I could get some cute shots of her with her cast.  This is what she came up with….naturally, in the blink of an eye without ANY coaching from me.  She was really taking in all those models in the mall….it’s a bit frightening.  If you look carefully, you can even see how low riding her pants are in the back.  E-Mail10 copyE-Mail11  I love these pictures, because as much as she is trying to mimic things she has seen, her spunky personality comes out loud and clear.  This girl has spunk. 

She is now on her third cast color.  The first pink cast got a yellow “over cast wrap” and then somehow (in the craziness that is bath time at our house) her plastic bag that was supposed to keep her cast dry got filled with water….so now she’s in a great Halloween orange cast.  IMG_0229IMG_0270 

This little girl is still as pleased as punch to have a big heavy cast on her arm.  She hasn’t complained at all….which surprises me a lot….but I’ll take it. 

I love my little girl with spunk.


  1. Sayds,

    Love our little Hazel. She is such a beauty. You forgot the poncho and Em's hat I would think at our house. So we have it. Miss you already. We had SO much fun with you. Let's play soon.
    p.s. the photoshoot is amazing. GREAT WORK!!!!! Love the Hearts Idea!!!

  2. That girl is just full of pizzaz! We knew it from day one!

  3. She does have so much spunk. All your picture are beyond perfect.



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