Sunday, December 20, 2009

grammie and grandfather’s visit

Way back in early November Grammie and Grandfather came to visit.  We love it that they get to visit often.  The kids sure enjoyed the time we had with them.  There’s nothing like grandparents.  -9947 And I’m pretty sure my parent’s think that there is nothing like grandkids.  I love how much they delight in my kids…..makes me realize how much I should delight in them.-9868

"Those gasps of astonishment, those shrieks of pleasure, those sighs of delight, lost long ago when your children grew wise and worldly ~ are suddenly given back to you by your grandchildren. What seems to be the same small hands clutch yours, dragging you from one excitement to another ~ "Look! Oh, look! come ON!""

Author: unknown

-9874 -9885 -9891   -9917 -9928 -9936We spent one of the days they had here visiting Eva and her family up in Newburyport.  Every single time I go there I wish I lived up there.  It is so open and beautiful, and there is something about the light….even captured on an iphone it is beautiful. -0328 -0285 -0291 -0293 We had a little pizza picnic in this field at at this lovely farm (across from Eva’s house)  while the kids fed the animals.  Heaven. -0295 -0297 I love how you can see my mom in this picture, taking a photo of Emmeline.  -0301 -0305 Hazel is in heaven with little Ian.  We're hoping they might marry one day……-0309 -0311 -0323

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