Tuesday, January 19, 2010

jeff’s out of town

so it’s time to blog again.  Why is it that I always get the blogging bug while he is gone?  Hmmm…..maybe he should go more often so I could blog more consistently.

2010.  it’s been good so far. 

-3144My mom and dad came for a quick 24 hour visit.  They played with the kids all day in the attic and took Jeff and I to eat at Boston’s best restaurant of the year called “O Ya.”  It was pretty incredible food, but teensy tiny portions.  We with our taste buds dazzling but our bellies pretty empty.  It was such a treat to eat such fine food and enjoy such good conversation.  I also got to go with my parents to their speech…..I always love seeing them work and seeing their audiences light up as they think about what they can do to improve their families.  I think my parents have the best job in the world…..and I know they’re helping so many people as they do it. 

-3155 Our dear Jeff had a birthday.  We  celebrated it in style with lots of processed food and bacon and yellow cake and hostess products.  I have to say, I think I do a pretty good job at celebrating birthdays and I think I’m passing this talent onto little Hazel who is totally into making the day special.  I think she was more excited about Jeff’s birthday than anyone and she was a little saint all day, helping me with every little detail (and adding many of her own).  I’m a little nervous because I suspect there’s a correlation between being a good birthday celebrator and expecting a LOT on your birthday…..yikes, I better start preparing for Hazel’s big bash next September.-3152

Jeff got promoted so we went in to see his new office and bring him a box of birthday gifts that would spruce it up a bit.  We ate lunch all together at Wagamama (one of our favorite places).  The kids and I rushed home to make a treasure hunt out of all of Jeff’s gifts (there were a lot of them….mostly hostess products wrapped up).  After dinner Jeff and I went to see Avatar (I loved that movie…..I want to live in that world). 

One of the gifts I'm giving to Jeff is not gushing on this blog about how great he is (I think he sincerely dislikes me gushing about him).  So, I’ll just really quickly say that I think Jeff is - hands down - the most perfect husband and father I could imagine for our little family.  He gets us, he’s devoted to us, he loves us.   We love him (just look at those kids faces…..I’m not quite sure what Charlie’s saying there, but I can sure see the love on Hazel’s face).  -3159

Other than that, we’re just enjoying the post Christmas lull.  Oh how I love having a little more time to soak in my kids and think about the mom I want to be (and how hard I’m trying not to let little obsessions like finding the right winter boots or tv couch get in the way…..more on that later).


  1. Happy (Belated) Birthday Jeff!

    Oh let the woman gush. It makes for a fantastic marriage.

    You guys are the best!

  2. what a great day for the guy. great photos and thanks for making me laugh. chuckles is quite the fella.

  3. LOVE this post and LOVE Jeff! I need to put this picture of us in the attic on our post. That was so much fun!



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