Thursday, February 04, 2010

ode to a friend

true friendship is amazing.  As a mother one of the things I want most for my children is good friends. 

Did I ever post these pictures?  If I did, sorry.  As old as these images are (and perhaps also redundant) I can’t resist posting them.  Hazel is blessed beyond measure to have a friend like Jo.  It just melts my heart that this girl, twice Hazel’s age, treats Hazel like an total equal.  She has known Hazel since she was a baby and has always taken her seriously, as a real, bona fide friend.  And that’s just what Hazel has needed.  I can tell that Hazel feels uber cool and confident when she’s with Jo.  She starts acting all mature and grown up so that she can measure up.  -2082 -2084 These pictures document the day when Hazel and Jo spontaneously showed up in the exact same outfit.  It’s happened twice.  They must be kindred spirits.  -2086 -2087 -2088 -2089 -2091 -2092 -2093 -2094

Thank you Jo for being such a good friend and for loving my little Hazel for all that she is. 


  1. So adorable. And what a wonderful thing to have captured! You've inspired me to make sure I take photos of my little guy with his friends.

  2. Just saw these for the first time! This girl and this friendship is priceless!



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