Monday, May 03, 2010

we made it!

Spring is officially here.  For real.  I can never really believe those blossoms until it’s May, leaves are secured on nearly all the trees and the highs on the 10 day forecast don’t fall below 50.  That has happened and I’m happy.   -8928This winter was my best yet.  I think the combination of running and being outside more consistently, spending two weeks of frosty February in California and having a pretty mild winter did it for me.  I actually didn’t resent Winter this year.  None of it.  That, my friends, is huge for me. -8955 My sage and chives and oregano and mint and chamomile are all back and I’m planting basil and parsley today.  The raspberry twigs I took from some friends and planted last summer are real raspberry bushes now and our strawberry plants have spread everywhere.  I love love love perennials.  They always delight me it the spring, the way they just pop up from the untended earth.  I don’t have to do anything, they just grow and they’re stronger after each winter.  -0812  Spring can’t really come without a trip to the Boston public gardens.  I’ve never seen Mrs. Mallard and her little ducklings all dressed up…..I guess Easter brings that side of them out.  -0826 -8936We saw a little family of turtles basking in the sun at our cemetery.  I love watching life spring up everywhere!  -7162 On one of the first days of real spring we were watching the Snows kids.  We took them on a little hike and found a huge family of little garter snakes emerging from their winter hibernation.  They just kept slithering out one after another and heading down to the river.  It was amazing.  -7168 -7150  Hazel shares my love of being barefoot.  I love feeling that newly awakened earth under my feet in the spring. -8924   Welcome back wonderful living world!

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  1. Love it! Sure wish we had a little spring at Park City! Adorable kids all around!



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