Monday, June 14, 2010

George’s Island – Shumway Family Adventure

 -1787 They’ve started!  The Shumway Family Adventures for 2010.  We’ve been in Boston long enough to get in a yearly rhythm.  We have the winter slump where we stay inside and hibernate, get projects done, laze around the house, drink hot coco.  We start to come alive again in April when the crocuses struggle through the hard cold soil and then this trip to Georges Island in May kind of kicks off the adventures and the fun.  Then it’s our Memorial Day trip to Acadia, school get’s out, we go to Bear Lake, we sweat through August and go to the beach, school starts, we drink in the beauty of autumn and the excitement of the Holidays and then the new year and January birthdays and then the hibernation starts again.  Finally, after years of living in New England I’m starting to appreciate this cycle.  In the middle of August and again in the holiday rush I even long a tiny bit for those short cold winter days where I don’t feel pressure to do much more than snuggle up my kids and paint some walls.  I am thankful for seasons.  And I’m happy as a clam that right now it’s the season for outside, sun, adventures, nature, life.    -1867We all love George's Island.  The adventure of the boat ride, the sea glass, the fort.  It’s dreamy for everyone. -1856Doesn’t Hazel look a little like a sulky teenager here?  She’s killing me, I keep telling her not to grow up!   -1895 This place is a photographers dream.  Anyone want to do a family photo session there?  The lighting in the fort is so great. -1917 -1957-1925George's Island and Grace's Baptism-0345 Look how these three little buns have changed in the past year?  Emmeline has certainly realized that it’s not too safe or fun to be in an old brick oven. -1938  -1989 -1997 -2010 -2018 -2060 -2073


Let the adventures and fun begin!


  1. I LOVE those pictures! Sign my up for the next session!! Charlie is such a handsome little man.

  2. i got ana some sambas so her and charlie can start up a samba club when we see you.

  3. ...and who are those kids that are jumping so high? jimmeny crickets!

  4. Looks like a fun adventure...



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