Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ode to Ashley and her little posse of boys


We’re going to miss you guys!  We’re going to miss all the chaos and star wars and pirates.  Charlie is going to miss the dog piling and playing light sabers (even though he won’t admit it).  Your boys have been just the brother’s he’s needed this year.  Hazel is going to miss telling your boys that they’re going to be in wars when they grow up.  I’m going to miss our weekly chaotic dinners, your good cooking, all the motherhood challenge commiseration (nice way to put it, right?).  Emmeilne is going to miss being pushed by Chase (“I push baby!”).   I’ll miss our crazy adventures to Breakhart and Ikea and Costco. 

Who is going to tell me where to hang things in my house and what color to paint stuff? 

We may just surprise you in Orange County in February with a bunch of bags, planning to stay all month.  That’d be ok, right?  You’re welcome to come and share our pink bathroom with us anytime you get a hankering for bad Boston weather and an entertaining testimony meeting.   -1088  -1212 -1215 -1219


  1. I need to call you...and I need botox.

  2. What a terrific friend!



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