Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Saturday with friends at Halibut Point, Rockport, MA.

-1189 I love discovering new places.  Especially when they're perfect and the weather's perfect and the company's perfect.  I just hate it when I don't bring my camera....especially when the light is amazing.  Thank goodness for the iPhone. -1151 -1153 -1154 -1155 Oh, these pictures don’t do that beauty justice!-1159 -1166 Hazel spent most of her time looking for tiny little creatures in the tide pools and catching them in her bucket.  She looks happy here, but she was having a fit by the end, frustrated that she couldn’t catch those darn little things.  -1167 -1176 -1180

The boys spent a huge chunk of time building with all these big granite boulders.  (This place was an abandoned old quarry). They made a pretty impressive little fort by the end.  -1150

The only sad part of the day is that poor little Emmeline's elbow got pulled out of socket when we were swinging her along the path.  It took us until Monday for us to get to the doctor and figure out that she had "nurse maid's elbow."  I guess it's pretty common and simple to fix (it took the doctor 3 seconds and she was instantly better).  It was her elbow that was out of whack....but she was pointing to her wrist when we asked her where it hurt.  It's pretty likely that it will happen again now that it's happened once.  Luckily, this dear doctor showed me how to fix it on my own if it happens again.  We're crossing our fingers I don't have to ever put that knowledge to use.


  1. Poor Emmeline but happy weekend. Looks so fun!

  2. love that seacoast



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