Sunday, September 26, 2010

Charlie's First Day of School

Sure, it happened a while ago....but it was a big event.  Charlie went back to school at the Rockland Montessori.  He didn't even blink or look back.  I thought he would be a little anxious since he wasn't in Saul's class, and since Hazel wasn't just upstairs but he just marched right in like a big boy.  When did he get so big?  When did his legs get so long?  When did he (sort of) loose his big pudgy tummy?

Thankfully he still talks with his baby (I mean Boston) accent.  I hope he never looses that.

After his first day of school the director (who we love and who is a big Charlie fan) told me that she thinks Charlie is ready for the kindergarten program at the Rockland and that she think's he'd be ready for first grade next year.  That's the last thing we'd need after all these deliberations about what grade Hazel should be in.  I can't imagine how horrified Hazel would be if Charlie were in the same class as she will be next year.  She's already complaining that he talks like a teenager sometimes and that he seems older than her (I think she's way off on this one....unless she's talking about a really grouchy head rolling teenager who can't pronounce his r's).

So, he is going to the kindergarten program just three days a week (though we're calling it pre-k for Hazel's sake) and he'll go to kindergarten at a public school next year.  He's loving it and is thrilled that he has homework.  His little mind is just dying to drink in any sort of knowledge....especially if it has to do with words or motors or how anything works. 
I love Emmeline in this picture.  She's not too happy about the hours in the week that she has to spend with just her boring old mom.

I told this guy not to grow up and here he is....doing just that.  At least he promised he'd never be too big to give me a big kiss and hug when I ask.  I'm sure going to milk that promise.


  1. They are all simply adorable, but I think Hazel the apple-eating bookworm has got to be my favorite. She's such a big, serious student. Wish I could be in New England with you and give all of you hugs!

  2. Love seeing this cute boy looking so happy and E looking so sad that they are gone! Won't it be great to have a baby to take up the slack...eventually! You gotta love it@



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